Stick your butt out / Lead with your rumpus / by Katie Getchell

Sarah G. wrote to ask whether I could say more about my statement in the previous post that I'd been "telling people to stick their butts out" more and more often.  As usual I'm not able to form a cogent (verbal) argument right at the moment, but for now I'll post this teaser for a longer video to come soon, which will hopefully explain some of what I mean.  

The instruction to "stick your butt out" might be lazy phrasing; however, I've found that as a cue for initiating movement it works perfectly to remind the bodymind to begin to hinge at the hips. In fact, it works better than more complex, biomechanical verbiage.  You may also think of it as "lead with your.....preferred vocabulary." Train yourself to Stick your Butt Out to just before a forward bend, a lift, a squat or crouch, and you will automatically lengthen the spine, the hamstrings, and the levers you have to work with, while de-compressing disks and relieving the shoulder girdle.