Workshop with JULIE ANGEL

Sunday, September 22 10am - 4pm
Crestone, Colorado


Julie is the founder of See&Do, a unique multimedia learning project that helps people discover how to move and feel better. ‘See’ is for inspiration and ‘Do’ is for action. Through her award-winning short films, her book Breaking the Jump (about the roots of Parkour), her international presentations, workshops and personal coaching, she helps people overcome obstacles and rediscover their potential through love of movement. Julie is an optimistic, patient, attentive, passionate and skilled teacher. She emphasizes the joys of non-competitive practice and lifelong learning.

The Strong Body Strong Mind workshop is suitable for all ages and abilities. By exploring the varied terrains and opportunities of the Crestone environment, we will learn how to cultivate strength, posture, balance, coordination and creativity; how to change our mindset about risk; and how to trust our instincts.

Everyone can benefit from both the inner excellence and physical challenges of Parkour. Strong Body Strong Mind is an inclusive environment, where we celebrate a culture of effort while learning a variety of techniques from Parkour, Natural Movement training, Animal Flow and Original Strength. Uncover new approaches to movement challenges while increasing your confidence and facing your fears. Move More and Be Brave! We are all able.

The Strong Body Strong Mind Workshop will be held on Sunday, September 22 from 10am - 4pm
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