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The classes taught in my studio are rooted in:

- bellydance technique from Datura Style / 8Elements Training, with a strong emphasis on alignment and the development clear shapes, pathways and timing, as well as attention to musicality, composition and the internal process of creating one's own personal dance style.

- the modern fusion of Carolena Nericcio's American Tribal Style Bellydance®, which uses traditional elements of different dance cultures as the ground for cultivating improvisational, communicative, perceptual and creative skills in a group setting.

-  body-mind centering,  yoga, natural movement and other somatic practices that bring us into the present moment.

In our classes we explore the way that cultivating posture and precision make our movements free of strain, building a strong foundation for all our bellydance vocabulary, regardless of style or lineage. 


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Tuesdays 5:30 - 7:00pm
Thursdays 4:00 - 5:25pm

Open to all levels of experience, this class is an intensive introduction to American Tribal Style® Bellydance, a beautiful collective fusion form. ATS® brings together the gestures and musical styles of several traditions (predominantly Middle Eastern, North African, Andalusian and Indian Folkloric and Classical) while cultivating an elegant posture, finger cymbal fluency and the skill of dancing improvisationally in a group.

The four Fast families of movement (Arabic, Egyptian, Bump and Shimmy) and the mutable, sinuous Slow vocabulary that make up its “language” will be explored in depth. This form is taught with attention to the specific posture, alignment and arm carriage that characterize ATS® and has influenced other Tribal Fusion forms that have evolved from it.  The root vocabularies and dance traditions that precede this form, as well as specific lineages that have nurtured it (such as Salimpour) will be explored with respect and curiosity.

This class requires a steady commitment to support individual and group progress. Students may attend Tuesdays or Thursdays according to their convenience. Open to all dancers, and especially those interested in creative collaboration.

American Tribal Style Level 2
Thursdays 5:30 - 7:00pm
This class is currently closed to new students. Please feel free to drop in and visit, and let us know if you’d like to be part of the new cohort in Summer/Fall 2019.
In this class we not only learn a broad palette of movements and combinations; we go deeper into the principles of cueing, leading, formation and developing spontaneous choreographies. We’ll continue our practice of playing zils (finger cymbals) to accompany our dance, and will build a repertoire of complex variations on the basic movements that are our foundation. 

photo by John Conrad