Restorative and Corrective Exercise Practices


Restorative exercise includes any movement practice that helps restore optimal functions such as range of motion, oxygenation and resilience.  Specifically, Restorative Exercise™ is an alignment-based program created by my mentor and teacher, Katy Bowman. This system teaches movement skills that build strength, flexibility and balance, enhance joint and tissue health, and foster somatic self-awareness.

Corrective exercise focuses specifically on remedying asymmetries, imbalances, hyper- and hypo-mobilities, weaknesses, overcompensations and inefficient or dysfunctional movement habits.  The exercises are not only tailored to re-pattern bodily movement, but also to refine and adapt the mind's perception of alignment and physical potential.

I have been studying Katy Bowman's work through her Restorative Exercise / Nutritious Movement™ Institute since 2015 and am on the Certification Track for Restorative Exercise Specialist.  Other teachers and influences are Kathryn Bruni-Young, MaryBeth Gangemi, Cecily Milne and Diana Zotos.